Posted by: marthabernie | May 5, 2015


I decided to repost this photo, which I put up soon after I started this blog. This is a window of the home where friends live in County Carlow, Ireland.  It has been designated as the oldest thatch cottage of its type in Ireland by the people who designate such things.  The walls are at least 18 to 24 inches thick, and it was built some time in the 1400’s or 1500’s.  It survived Cromwell and a great many other things.  If memory serves, it has been in the family throughout the centuries.   I am looking for a photo of the whole cottage and will post when I find it.  There are also VERY old farm buildings, and I have some lovely photos of those as well.  The window here looks into the sitting room at the front end of the house.  I think those are geraniums in the window, but they are certainly the biggest, healthiest looking geranium blooms I have ever seen.  My friends built a new, lovely, very modern house a short distance from the cottage, but they continue to live here.


  1. I was in down in Carlow a few weeks ago and seen that cottage. Its so pretty ☺☺


    • How in the world did you find it? It’s very much out of the way!

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      • I was visiting a friend and she showed me round and we went for a cycle all around the area and happened to come across it 😂😄


      • Where in Carlow does your friend live?

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      • Shes in college there so in the town, it was a long cycle 😂


  2. I love your shots of architecture. 😄


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