Posted by: marthabernie | May 10, 2015

Tide’s Out….Dublin, Ireland


The coast road that runs from Dublin City down to Bray and beyond passes an area known as Dublin 4 where there are a lot of posh houses along the coast and inland.  The area is also called Sandymount in this stretch along the coast.  The coast road is just a short walk from Sandymount Village.  When the tide is out, the beach is flat and extends out for many, many yards to the strip of land where the towers stand. The twin towers on the right can be seen from the air when approaching Dublin Airport.  This was a clear windy day and the tide was out and the walkers and joggers were out in the droves.



  1. That’s my favourite place for a walk. I like the most to take a walk from Ringsend to the lighhouse and back.


    • I have friends who live just a few houses from the coast road and we’ve often walked out to the two twin towers after Sunday lunch or in the summer when it’s light out past 10 p.m. When the tide is out, some people go searching in the wet sand for certain types of worms that are used for fishing (or at least, that’s what I’ve been told and I have seen people out there digging!).


  2. it is not all dublin 4. as you mentioned there is sandymount, there’s also blackrock and even dun laoghaire before bray and all these location are not part of dublin, they are in county dublin. the previous comment mentioned ringsend – it is correct, it is along the coast but it is not in dublin 4


    • Yes, I did not clarify between Dublin City and County Dublin. You are correct. I tend to think of everything in County Dublin as Dublin. Maybe it’s because here in L.A., we all think of everything in L.A. County being part of “L.A.”


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