Posted by: marthabernie | May 12, 2015

Christmas – About 1968

001aThis photo was taken in our living room at Christmas in 1968.  That’s my mother holding grandson Richard Wayne Marlin, and in front are other grandchildren, Deanna, Kenny, Sharon and Bobbie Marlin.  My mother died in 1999 and unfortunately, we lost Richard Wayne earlier this year.

If the Christmas tree behind them looks a little fuzzy, it’s because we always covered the tree in angel hair (spun glass) after it was decorated.  I still have the angel hanging on the left by the tree.  She is sitting in a crescent moon.


  1. Great picture. We had one of those angels on a crescent moon. Every now and again I’ll wonder what happened to it. I loved that thing!


    • We had a neighbor who was very artistic and owned a store called HOLIDAY FANTASIES. She made things and sold them in the store, everything from these angels to ceramic Christmas trees. My mother was great about wrapping everything before she put it away for the year, so we have a lot of vintage stuff.


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