Posted by: marthabernie | May 12, 2015

Sandycove, County Dublin, Ireland – 1998

scan0059bThis little park starts the coastal walk from Sandycove to Dun Laoghaire and beyond.  The coast road is to the right, and the rocks and the Sandycove beach are to the left.  It’s a tiny park, but it has a nice little pathway down the center, see below.


When you come out of the park and onto the coastal walk, this is what you see when you look back toward Sandycove and the James Joyce Museum (Martello Tower).  The story goes that Oliver St. John Gogarty lived in this tower for a period of time and that Joyce came to live with him.  After four days, however, there was an incident with a gun and Joyce left.  The tree and stone below were planted in 1983 at the centenary of James Joyce’s birth in Dublin.  I think, however, that something happened to the original 1983 tree and that this tree was planted not too long before I was there in 1998.


The stone has a quote from Joyce’ Ulysses where the hero is looking south at the Bay and the smoke from the mail boat that ran from (then) Kingstown to Holyhead, Wales on the horizon.


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