Posted by: marthabernie | May 13, 2015

Administrators Sale Flyer – W.G. McMenus Estate – June 1,1955, Phillipsburg, Missouri

004This is the original flyer from the auction that took place June 1, 1955 when the property of William G. McMenus was sold in Phillipsburg, Missouri.  Everything went, including the house, which is listed as a “modern home”.  The house was quite the thing when it was built in the late 20’s because it had the first indoor bathroom and toilet in Phillipsburg….although the story goes that they still used the outhouse most of the time and the indoor bathroom was only used when someone was ill or when visitors arrived.  As you can see from the items listed for sale, they had many modern conveniences.  I wonder if they really made ice cream five gallons at a time!?

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