Posted by: marthabernie | May 16, 2015


006aThis is a photo that came out of a scrapbook that belonged to Reba McMenus when she was a girl.  She was my mother’s first cousin, her father being an older brother of my grandmother.  Reba had a camera and took lots of snapshots when she was a teenager, though some of the photos were obviously taken by other people because she is in some of them.  This is a group of adults and children, though more children than adults, and the building on the left looks a lot like the Stoney Point School, where the earlier McMenus kids went to school.  Not sure if Reba and Francie went there or not.  That is their mother, Margaret Moore (Aunt Mag) McMenus on the extreme right end, and I think it’s her daughter, Francie, on the right end of the front row of smaller children, but not sure.  I do not see anyone else I recognize.  If Reba took this photo, she would, of course, not be in the image.  Click on the photo for a larger view.


  1. Great photo – loads of character.


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