Posted by: marthabernie | May 26, 2015


scan0043This photo is from a tiny little snapshot taken July, 1935 at the old Marlin home in Webster County, Missouri.  On the right is my grandfather, Walter Elbert Marlin, next to him his mother, Carrie Lunda Hall Marlin, then my great grandfather, James Jones Marlin, and (I assume) a neighbor, Frank Caffey.  I grew up being told that my Great Grandmother was half Cherokee Indian.  She and a sister were orphans and were taken in by the Hall Family.  Because of her high forehead and high cheekbones, she did look a bit like a Cherokee.  However, I took the DNA test about 18 months ago and discovered not one drop of Native American blood.  Just goes to show everyone that many, many family stories are just that…stories.  Not fact.


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