Posted by: marthabernie | May 29, 2015


scan0067It appears that by the late 1920’s or early 1930’s, the local photographers had figured out that they could make some money shooting school photos.  This is my mother, Anna Shank Marlin, at the age of about 12 or 13, but it’s only a guess.  I never asked her how old she was when we looked at this photo, I was just so pleased that there was an early image.  Her hair was thick and straight (like mine) except for just a little bit of wave once it got to be a few inches long.  I commented earlier that I never saw her without her painted eyebrows and one of my followers commented that her mother had told her that after plucking in the style of he 30’s, the eyebrows stopped coming in so thickly.  Here she is before she started plucking with eyebrows that are full, just like mine (I never plucked!).


  1. I love this pic of her. I wonder if this would have gone in a yearbook?


    • No yearbook. She went to school with her siblings in a one room schoolhouse (I think photos coming up of the schoolhouse in a day or two). The big kids sat in the back and the little ones down front. The boys only went to school in fall and winter as they were needed at home to do work in spring and summer. They usually took a photo of the entire school once a year, but not even on a regular basis. I have one or two to post eventually.


  2. Wow. I have never seen a picture of her when she was a child. Thanks!


    • I have a baby picture hanging on the wall. I thought I had posted it already, but maybe not…


    • Look at the photo I posted on May 7, 2013. She was a teenager then.


      • I think I have seen the one when she was a teenager…I know I have never seen this one….hard to imagine grama as a young child! I love the hair cut!


      • Well, there was no going to the salon to get a hair cut. I imagine, since their hair was fine and very thick, that someone just took the scissors to them!


      • Funny…and i’ve noticed that all the girls from that era have the same haircut, Mom with scissors!!


  3. It is nice to have those early pictures of our parents. I do not have anything before the age of 30.


    • Yes.We are very lucky to have what we do….


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