Posted by: marthabernie | June 7, 2015

KINGSTOWN (Dun Laoghaire), County Dublin, Ireland – About 1908

scan0083dThis is an early image of the harbor at Kingstown (now Dun Laoghaire), County Dublin, Ireland.  This little port has been used by the ferries going back and forth between Ireland and the UK (from Holyhead, Wales to now Dun Laoghaire) for decades; however, the Dun Laoghaire service was discontinued earlier this year.  You now have to go into the port of Dublin.  The ships were referred to as the mail boats because that’s how the mail went back and forth between the two countries.  On the far left is the old train station, which is now a restaurant, and in the middle is the old Pavilion, built in the 1800’s when Queen Victoria arrived on a visit.  It has long since been torn down and replaced with (several) more modern versions.

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