Posted by: marthabernie | June 11, 2015

Long Lane Cemetery, Dallas County, Missouri – 1955 and 1997

scan0070aThis is a photo printed from a slide taken in the Long Lane Cemetery at Long Lane, Dallas County, Missouri in 1955.  We went to Missouri by car as a family that year because Webster County, where my  father’s Marlin ancestors settled in 1821, was having its centenary celebrations.  Obviously, the Marlins were there before it became Webster County!  Anyway, we also visited my grandfather and step grandmother in Laclede County at Phillipsburg.  One day we went to Dallas County to the Long Lane Cemetery to visit my grandmother’s grave.  Left to right, that’s step grandmother Carrie Massey Shank, my grandfather,  Joseph Eli Shank, my brother, Richard Eldon Marlin, my mother Anna Shank Marlin, and that’s me on the far right.  My mother made all my clothes, and I had many, many outfits for this trip!  We were so dressed up despite the hot weather!

Inez McMenus Shank was born April 21, 1881 and died December 21, 1921.  She married Joseph Eli Shank on December 31, 1899, and their first baby, born in 1900, died at birth, arriving prematurely.  The Union Cemetery, where Inez’ father, infant brothers and sister and McMenus grandparents were buried was on the property of the Shank family farm.  But Inez did not want her first baby buried so close to where she lived her every day life, so six plots were purchased at the Long Lane Cemetery in Dallas County where the Shank and Massie ancestors are buried.  Little did she know that she and three other babies would be buried there.  Photo below shows he headstone in 1997.



  1. That is a great 1955 pic!


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