Posted by: marthabernie | June 17, 2015


scan0107aThis photo was taken in 1901 on the steps of the County Courthouse in Lebanon, Missouri, which is the County seat for Laclede County, Missouri.  It shows the county elected officials and other workers.  I am only able to identify three people for certain.  I do not know who the two men on the top (third) row are, but look at that amazing beard on the man on the right!  At the left end of the second row is my great uncle, John Edward (Banty) Shank, who was Deputy Sheriff at this time.  My grandfather, Ed’s brother, was Deputy Sheriff until he married in 1899, then his brother took over.  Third from the left end of the second row is my great grandfather, William Harvey (Uncle Harvey) Shank, who was the County Sheriff for several years.  In the front row, third from the left end is Judge Holt, who performed many, many marriage ceremonies in Laclede County.  He married my great uncle, William Grant McMenus and Minnie Brasier in October, 1899 as well as my grandmother Inez McMenus to my grandfather, Joseph Eli (Eli) Shank on December 31, 1899.  Below is a formal photo of Judge Holt.  Another great beard!  Wonder how long it took to grow it to that length?


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