Posted by: marthabernie | June 18, 2015

Dr. Price’s Ginger Snaps and Drops – 1887

These old 1887 recipes are even more of a challenge than usual because the directions are a little vague.  The first does not give amount of flour but appears to be rolled out and then probably cut with a biscuit cutter into rounds; and the second leaves it to the baker to figure out the consistency of the batter!  You have to add flour in order to get the dough to the size of large eggs when dropped onto the “dripping pan” to bake.  It’s probably a fairly stiff dough.


Two cups of molasses, one half cup sugar, one cup lard or butter.  Boil together then add when cool one half cup sweet milk with two teaspoonfuls soda dissolved in it, then two teaspoonfuls extract of ginger.  Mix with flour, roll out and bake.


One half cup of shortening, two teaspoonfuls of cream baking powder, one teacup brown sugar, half a cup of molasses, two eggs, one teaspoonful of ginger.  Grease a dripping pan well.  Make the batter so that it will drop from the spoon in drops as large as an egg.

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