Posted by: marthabernie | June 21, 2015

Great Grandfather Shank and His Grand Daughter, Hazel Shank Collier

001aThis is a snapshot taken in Phillipsburg, Missouri about 1930.  On the right is my great grandfather, William Harvey Shank, and his grand daughter, Hazel Shank Collier.  He was always known as “Uncle Harvey” Shank and he was sheriff of Laclede County between 1898-1901.  Hazel’s father was John Edward (Uncle Ed) Shank, brother of my grandfather, Joseph Eli Shank.  My great grandmother, Lydia Margaret Massie Shank, died in 1920 and after his wife died, my great grandfather moved into a small set of rooms in the town of Phillipsburg.  He was president of the Farmers Bank for a number of years until the 1929 crash.  He died in 1932 when he was walking from his son Ed’s service station just outside the town of Phillipsburg back to his residence.  Some teenagers in a car decided to try to “scare the old man” and veered their car toward him, thinking he would jump to the right to avoid the car.  Instead, he reacted by jumping to the left, and the car hit him.  He suffered internal injuries and died a couple of days later.  A senseless death.  He is buried with his wife at the New Hope Cemetery at Long Lane, Dallas County, Missouri.


  1. What a tragic death!


    • Yes, it was senseless. He lived a couple of days before succumbing to his injuries, and the driver got off with a warning.

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