Posted by: marthabernie | June 23, 2015

SADIE BILDERBACK McMENUS in California – 1940’s

scan0097This photo is labeled, “Sadie McMenus and friends” on the reverse side.  Sadie married my great uncle, Eli Preston McMenus and lived in Phillipsburg, Miossuri for many, many years.  Press died in 1920 and Sadie continued on there until her sons moved to California.  Then, like so many others at the time, Sadie also moved to California.  I think that is where this photo was taken, and from her dress, I would say it’s some time in the 1940’s.


  1. I love looking at all the retro photos you post – the people in these pix could not imagine that so many strangers across the globe would one day be looking at them.


    • Yes. And I think some of them might be rolling over in their graves! I have a whole lot of new ones that I just acquired and also about two more boxes of old ones that I have not yet scanned. I moved in March and am just now trying to get back to making a dent in what I had before I acquired the new stuff after a trip up north.


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