Posted by: marthabernie | June 26, 2015

The Giant’s Causeway – Northern Ireland – 1906

001I visited the Giant’s Causeway in Northern Ireland last summer and the formations are very much the same.  This photo was taken in 1906 and one of the young ladies is a Miss Julia Malier.  The other lady is unidentified but she wrote that she was 24 years old when the photograph was taken.


  1. I can’t imagine hiking out there in that type of dress!


    • I’m sure they didn’t have a bus that went out there either like they do today! Last time we were there, it was wall to wall people, too…end of June 2014.


      • That’s what I was thinking….we walked both ways when we were there in Sept. 2014, quite a hike. I can’t imagine wearing a dress and walking and climbing.


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