Posted by: marthabernie | June 29, 2015

Warren McMenus – Phillipsburg, Missouri

005This is my mother’s first cousin, Warren McMenus, sometime around 1908-09, I would guess.  He was the first son of Eli Preston McMenus and wife Sade Bilderback McMenus.  His father, E.P. McMenus was an older brother of my grandmother, Inez McMenus Shank.   My second cousin Blake McMenus was younger than Warren by about twenty years, but they both grew up in Phillipsburg, Missouri in Laclede County, and Blake always said that whether the photo was of Warren as a baby or as an older man, you always knew it was Warren.  He had one of those faces that stayed the same throughout his life.


  1. Don’t you just adore these old photos?!


  2. Awe, cute photo… What a thought, to think it’d be posted on the world wide web over 100 years later! 🙂 ♥ ❤


    • Yes, and some of his descendants (second once removed and third cousins) have seen the photos online and contacted me.

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