Posted by: marthabernie | July 2, 2015

MARLIN HOME – Webster County Missouri Circa 1908

scan0096aI got this photo from a Marlin cousin, Ron Marlin, who got it from the collection of Axie Florence Tiller Marlin.  I am not sure where this branch of the family split from my branch of the Marlin family, but they all lived relatively close together between Marshfield and Conway and Forkner’s Hill.  The photo is dated about 1908 and shows, left to right, Frank Marlin holding the dog, Elbert Marlin (another Elbert, not my grandfather), Luther Marlin, Gus Marlin (who married my grandmother’s sister, Pearl Ferrier), Isobelle Peck Marlin, Effie Marlin and “Bud” Marlin.  Isn’t it a great old photo?


  1. Love it!! Great picture to depict the times, the fashion, lifestyle, etc. I can look thru these types of pictures all day.


    • And no tv antennas, cell phones or computers in their pockets!


      • How did they ever survive?lol


      • I don’t know…but when I went on vacation last month for eight days, I really enjoyed not being tied to a computer. That said, I did read email now and then….


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