Posted by: marthabernie | July 8, 2015

Tramore Harbour and Cliff Road

scan0103This is an early view of Tramore, County Waterford, Ireland, and part of the Cliff Road.  The little harbor seen on the left is Lady Elizabeth’s Cove, named after the wife of Lord Doneraile.  Part of Lady Elizabeth’s dowry was most of this land, and there is a cliffside walk known as The Doneraile Walk.  The two houses on the right have been there since the mid 1800’s.  The one on the right are two attached houses which were built by the Coast Guard to house some of their men.  The house which housed the officers is further up the cliffs to the right and is now used as a town hall and museum.  I have a friend who grew up on a farm not too far from this site, and she always wanted to live in one of the two Coast Guard houses.  Many years later, she and her husband were able to buy the houses and tried to incorporate some of the original architecture into a renovated home.  However, it was not to be.  They had to come down and a lovely multi-level house was put on up on the site.


  1. Wow!!! Love the landscape


    • Yes. and it hasn’t changed much over the years except for the addition of more/larger houses.


  2. I was planning to walk there and take pictures on the way, but the weather turned to the worse – too windy for my liking.
    Lovely image.


    • It’s an old postcard that was colored by hand; the roofs were never red I am told!

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      • Oh, by hand! That’s awesome. You must be right, I don’t remember seeing any bright red roof anywhere.
        I haven’t been to Tramore this summer. I came over one evening, but it was so windy that I decided to save my parking disc for another occasion 🙂 If you want me to take a picture of something in particular and post it in my blog, just let me know 🙂


      • The larger of the two houses is still there, the smaller double cottage long gone with a new, larger house on the site. The roofs were never red, that was added to the image before they were reproduced for sale.

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  3. It is a good few years since I was there. Hope the rain stops and then I will go and take some pictures, or may be even swim 🙂


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