Posted by: marthabernie | July 16, 2015

GIANT’s CAUSEWAY – Northern Ireland – 1902

001cThis is another stereoview image from 1902.  The Giant’s Causeway is a geological formation on the north coast of Northern Ireland which was formed by basaltic volcanic erupts, though the legend is more interesting…legendary FInn MacCoul built this causeway between Northern Ireland across the North Channel to Scotland to enable a Scottish giant to cross (said giant saying he hated to get wet coming to Ireland!).  The giant had no excuses and came to Ireland, only to be soundly trashed before returning to Scotland.  The causeway is said to have stayed in place until Finn MacCoul died, then sank into the sea, leaving only what we see today along the coast of Northern Ireland.  I’ve never been there, but hope to get there in the next year or two.


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  2. Is this one of the stereographs? I have a post, the latest one, on the stereographic photography. Amazing quality image.


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