Posted by: marthabernie | July 17, 2015

Aunt Annie, Larry and Anna Marlin and Ednah Lewis – 1942

scan0090gI can pretty much confirm that this photo was taken in 1942 because my mother appears to be pregnant in the photo (one of her homemade maternity ensembles).  This photo was taken at my grandparents’ house in Hawthorne, California (Elbert and Dulcie Ferrier Marlin).  Aunt Annie (Matilda Anna Laura McMenus Forkner Twedell) and her daughter, Ednah Forkner Lewis, must have been visiting from their home near South Pasadena.  Uncle Walter Tweddell had died February 14, 1940,

It’s interesting how my mother’s snapshots are grouped.  Someone would come to visit and then several photos were taken but maybe no further photos until there was a birthday party or someone else came to visit.  It was not cheap to have film developed and they did not take photos like we do today.  My mother had a little Kodak Brownie Box camera which was used for taking most of the family photos until my father got a new camera and started taking color slides.  It’s interesting that the black and white prints have fared much better over the decades than the early color prints.


  1. I have also noticed that the black and white pictures have held up much better than the color ones. Even the color pictures taken in the 60s and 70s seem to have faded some.


    • Even the early color slides fade, some of them big time.


  2. In our house a roll of film could last close to a year because you didn’t waste shots. After Christmas we would get a roll developed only to find pictures from the summer!


    • Yes, it was considered a luxury to have the photos,so they were usually only taken on holidays, birthdays or when someone came to visit!

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