Posted by: marthabernie | July 20, 2015

UNION SCHOOL HOUSE – Phillipsburg, Missouri

004aThis photo of the Union School House near Phillipsburg, Missouri is fairly old, but I have no idea as to the date.  The first school was a one room log building, probably put up prior to the Civil War.  The Cumberland Presbyterian Church used the school building for Sunday services until their church was built in 1871 in the town of Phillipsburg.  The log school house became crowded and a new frame building was put up but it burned down in 1895.  This is the later building, where my mother and her siblings went to school.  It was located on a corner of the Shank family farm, across the road from the Union Cemetery.  My mother earned 50 cents per month during winter when she was a child, walking down to the school house early and starting a fire in the pot belly stove.  One year there was a severe storm but school was held no matter how much snow there was so for a couple of days, her father made a path in the snow and went down to the school to start the fire for her.  This would have been about 1924-25.  Below is a photo of the September, 1922 class of the Union School.  The kids we can identify are listed under the photo.

003gLeft to right, front row:  Neil Burd, Clifford Schultz, Eric Hester, Walter Rich, Howard Clyde, George Schultz, Earl Wills, George Warner and Virgil Shank.

Second row:  Minnie Shank, Esther Clyde, Ruby Clark, Irene Fry, Marguerite Shank, Delia Rich, Nora Hester, Lola Wills, Nora Rich, Anna Shank.

Third row:  Clara Wills, Clarence Schultz, Lester Rich, John Adams, Jim Hester, Charley Bateman, Richard Schultz, Rua White, teacher.

Fourth row:  Cecil Fry, Schultz boy, Burch Wills, unidentified boy, Wallace Clyde, Edgar Clyde.


  1. Wow! Little Grandma!


  2. Wonderful pix!


  3. My name is Janet East and I’m the granddaughter of Phine Alice East she is the daughter of David and Bertha Shaffer we believe her father is David she is the sister of Catherine B. Shaffer East who was born in 1917, I looking for any information i can on my grandmother side of the family. Please if you have any information please email me at


    • I took a look in the Laclede County Family HIstory books and there are no entries for East. It’s not a name I am familiar with, sorry.


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