Posted by: marthabernie | July 20, 2015

Wicklow Street – Dublin, Ireland – 1998

scan0113I took this photo in July, 1998 in downtown Dublin,  IT shows Wicklow Street, which is one of the streets that feeds off of the pedestrian walkway in Grafton Street.  Dublin was full of tourists, and it was humid and wet nearly the entire time I was in Ireland.


  1. HI Martha! I am opening a restaurant in Downtown Las Vegas with my partner, Liam Dwyer of Wicklow! We would love to purchase the highest resolution possible of this photo to hang in our restaurant….Let me know if we can do that! My email is jenn @ littlecreamsoda . com

    Thanks! Can’t wait to hear back =– Jenn T.


    • Hi Jennifer,
      I will look for it or the negative but it may take awhile. If you don’t hear from me in the next month, contact me at: and remind me! It’s a hectic time but I may be able to find it. I have the negative somewhere and several copies of the photo, which I blew up and hung in my office years ago.
      Thanks for contacting me. What is the name of your restaurant?


  2. Hey Martha! Just shot you an email 😉 Thanks so much! Jenn T.


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