Posted by: marthabernie | July 21, 2015

E.P. McMenus Family – Phillipsburg, Missouri

scan0119eI would date this photo about 1912.  It shows my great uncle, E.P. McMenus and family in Phillipsburg, Missouri.  That’s Warren on the left, E.P. (Press) holding son William, who looked to be about 6 months old, and wife Sade Bilderback McMenus on the right.  Sade wrote on the reverse side that “Warren looks a little mad.”


  1. Look at her bow and the crocheted thingie on it!


    • Yes, and there is either some sort of necklace hanging from the crocheted thing or she is wearing a long necklace behind it.


  2. The Millers, Nolands (and more) are my ancestors from this area… looks like they lived right next to some of the names (forkner, etc.) i’ve seen you mention in your photo captions…


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