Posted by: marthabernie | July 26, 2015

Eli Preston McMenus – 1919 – Phillipsburg, Missouri

scan0118fThis snapshot was taken about a year before my great uncle, Eli Preston (Press) McMenus, passed away.  He kept “red hogs” and was very proud of them.  He ran the general store in Phillipsburg, Missouri but also kept animals on the property where his family lived in the town.  He was named after two uncles, his father’s brothers, George Preston (Press) McMenus and Eli McMenus.  Eli was a name that was passed down in the family, but Preston seems to have appeared when Press’ great grandfather, Joseph McMenus, married Sarah (Sallie) Selvidge in Tennessee and came to Missouri in 1840.  I have always figured that Preston was somehow related to the Selvidge side of the family, but I have never been able to prove it.


  1. This is a great one, love it!


    • Yes, and such a pity he died so young when several of his siblings lived well into their eighties!


  2. Great picture!


  3. Reblogged this on Old News.


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