Posted by: marthabernie | July 31, 2015

McMenus Cousins – Phillipsburg, Missouri – 1920

scan0122ffThis photo was taken on the day of the funeral of my great uncle, Eli Preston McMenus.  He died from some sort of lung disease (probably from smoking) and is buried in the Phillipsburg Cemetery, Phillipsburg, Missouri.  The boys on the right are his sons, Warren (left) and Billy.  Cousin Reba McMenus (head cut off in photo) is pulling the wagon.


  1. Billy doesn’t look like he’s going to a funeral. What do you think that dress fabric is? It’s so shiny.


    • I have often thought the same thing about the smiling Billy. I wonder if he really realized his father had died?
      Don’t know about the dress fabric.


      • I was thinking maybe he didn’t really understand.
        That dress fabric is fascinating.


      • Maybe some sort of polished cotton?


  2. To Martha Preston McMenus was my grandfather. My mother was Patricia McMenus,the youngest of his daughters. Would like to contact you personally via email or phone..760 258 1507. I have many more family pictures and information.


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