Posted by: marthabernie | August 5, 2015

McMenus Family – June 11, 1944

scan0123This photo was taken on June 11, 1944 at the home of my great aunt, Anna L. (McMenus) Tweddell.  Her nephews and family were visiting along with her sister-in-law, Sade (Bilderback) McMenus.  The men in the back are Warren McMenus on the left and his brother Bill McMenus on the right.  Standing between them in their first cousin, Ethyl (Forkner) Rodgers, then the middle row from left are Warren’s daughter, his wife, Flora (Graves) McMenus, Aunt Annie, Sade McMenus and Bill’s wife (face partially hidden).  The kids in front are Warren’s daughter and then Bill’s daughter and son.  Another version below adds Aunt Annie’s daughter, Ednah (Forkner) Lewis, to the mix.  I love these old black and white photos taken in the forties and fifties because they never fade and are very sharp and clear.  Aunt Annie’s younger brother, Eli Preston McMenus, was married to Sade and he was the father of Warren and Bill.  He died in 1920 in his early forties.  When this photo was taken, Aunt Annie had also lost her beloved husband, Walter Tweddell.


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