Posted by: marthabernie | August 7, 2015

Aunt Marge & Cousin Judy – September, 1939

scan0122gThis is my mother’s older sister, Marguerite Lydia Frances Shank Brammell (Truitt) with her baby daughter, Judy Carol, age three months.  This aunt was always known as Marge in the family, and it wasn’t until she wrote for a copy of her birth certificate after she moved to California that she learned that she had three given names.  I think the correct order was Marguerite Lydia Frances.  Her one grandmother was Lydia Margaret Massie Shank, and the other was Rebecca Frances (Frank) Smith McMenus, so she was named for both when she was born November 2, 1910 near Phillipsburg, Missouri.  She first married Charlie Brammell in California and they had one daughter, Judy.  Charlie died and Marge remarried to Bert Truitt, who also died after a few years of marriage.  Marge lived on in her little house in Albany, California, near Berkeley, and was 86 when she died of pneumonia and complications after falling and breaking her hip.


  1. Man, every time I see the photos of your family. It’s amazing how much the family resemblance continues.

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    • Wait till I find the photos of all the sisters and female cousins together…no mistaking we’re all the same family!


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