Posted by: marthabernie | August 8, 2015

Near Lisburn, Northern Ireland, Bleaching the Linen – 1905

001cLisburn is about 8 miles from Belfast, Northern Ireland, and here you can see piles of linen being taken out of the wagon and stretched out on a field that has had the grass and hay cut short.  The linen was laid out to be bleached in the sun before being shipped off around the world.  This is from a 1905 stereoview card.


  1. I recall my mother doing the same with white cottons on the back lawn! They came up a brilliant white! The secret was the dew! The items were left out very early while the dew was still on the grass.


    • My mother also used the sunshine to bleach things…and if there were spots or stains, she added a little lemon juice to help remove them (particularly rust stains).


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