Posted by: marthabernie | August 9, 2015

FORKNERS & MC MENUS CLANS in California – 1925

004cFrom left, John Francis McMenus, child is Walter Beck, Lelia McMenus Osborne, Emma Forkner McMenus, standing with part of her face behind plant is Margaret Moore McMenus (john’s wife) and then Vivian McMenus Beck.  They were visiting my great aunt, Anna L. Tweddell.  Those plants certainly are tall.  Not corn, but perhaps sunflowers?  Photo below from left, Vivian McMenus Beck, Margaret Moore McMenus, Emma Forkner McMenus, Lelia McMenus and Aunt Annie.  This was about two years after she married Uncle Walter.  Lelia and Vivian were Emma’s daughters.  Their father, Elmer McMenus, apparently was not with them on this visit.  He and Emma were separated for a time.


  1. Love the clothes! Were your photos mainly taken by one or a few people? They seem so consistent in style.


    • The photos were taken by many people in many places. They just seem to all look at the camera without smiling for the most part!


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