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The Marlin Family – 1914

002cThis is an old, faded photo of my father as a toddler and my grandparents, taken in Aledo, Illinois.  My father, Ray J. Marlin, was born November 6, 1912, and he looks to be about 18 to 24 months old here, so I estimate the photo was taken in 1914.  That’s my grandfather on the left in the hat, Walter Elbert Marlin, and my grandmother on the right, Dulcie Ferrier Marlin.  My grandmother sent this to her brother, Laurence Ferrier, but she somehow got it back (perhaps after Laurence died?).  She never wrote any identifying information on the back of photos, but she wrote little notes, sometimes silly little notes.  This one says, “To Laurs. Ferrier.  You must ans. my card.  These are two pretty to look at, when are you coming to see us.  From Dulce.”  Her given name was Dulcena, but she was always called Dulce or Dulcie.


  1. Thanks for this information, I will check my documentation from Hallie Mae Price Young, I would hope to picture will copy, I would like to include some pictures on the new writings of the 1959 book… Conway/Marlin


  2. I went back and looked at my information and all I had for you grandfather was Elbert, so I appreciate his full name, as far as your grandmother I showed an Anna Shanks. any information I would be happy to enter so when I get as far as I possibly can I will have an updated (the best of my ability) new book printed..My Dad was James Quentin Marlin, son of Frank and Axie Tiller Marlin..I just lost my Daddy last August 2012 at the young age of 93.


    • Lynette, thanks for your posts. When my niece and `i were in Missouri in 1997, we met your dad and could not get over how much he looked like my father. My grandfather was Walter Elbert Marlin, and he married Dulcie Ferrier. My father, Ray j. Marlin, married my mother, Anna Shank from Phillipsburg. I am in `ireland at the moment, just arrived, but please contact me again after 10th October and we can arrange a time to talk. Also, take look through the archives if you have not already. Search on Marlin and there will be a lot of photos that come up and more planned for the future. `your dad told us about you in 1997 abnd we stopped by your house a time or two but no one was home. So I am glad you found the blog and made contact. Talk soon.


  3. Hello. I am looking for information about some Marlin family members. Martha Patsey Marlin was my husband’s Great Great Great Grandmother. I know that William G Marlin was Martha’s father and that Archibald Marlin was her grandfather. I can’t find any information further back than that. I would LOVE any information that you might have about Martha, William, Archibald, or their ancestors. I am putting together a family tree for my husband. Thank you! Rachel Lopez


    • I think you have the problem we all have and that is the lack of documentation earlier than Archibald Marlin, who fought in the Revolutionary War and was awarded land as a result in the territory of NC, which became eastern TN. After years of unsuccessful attempts at finding records, I took the Ancestry DNA test and was able to connect to the Marlins in PA who came from Northern Ireland to US. This is documented, and the Marlins (and Ferriers) were in PA in 1700’s and both families migrated to TN and then MO. Earlier, Marlins and Ferriers were in County Derry Northern Ireland near Magherafelt in a little village called Curran, although they are not in Northern Ireland today. Before that, Marlins and Ferriers were neighbors in Scotland. I suspect both families came to England from France with Williams the Conqueror, also because the DNA supports it. That’s about as much as I know.


      • Thank you so much for this information. Every little bit helps!! It is so fascinating to see where we have all come from over they generations. If I ever come across any additional information, I will be sure to send it your. way. Thank you again!


      • There are some people who believe that the family originated in France, then French Canada, before the US but after the DNA test, this just isn’t possible. There is a trace of French DNA but way, way back, which supports my theory of the families coming from France with William the Conqueror.


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