Posted by: marthabernie | August 23, 2015

MYSTERY LADY – Dalkey, County Dublin, Ireland 1901

001This photo was taken by Edward Bradford of Dalkey, County Dublin, Ireland.  Don’t know who the lady and dog are but on the reverse side of the photo, someone has written, “Christmas 1901,” Charleville, Dalkey.  The house known as Charleville still stands in Dalkey, it’s next to St. Patrick’s Church, and we know that before 1901,  a retired Italian wine merchant lived there. This could be a relative, but still no idea who she really was….


  1. Great photo :). She seems to be standing on a sack cloth of some kind, which is very curious!


  2. Great photo, sadly Charleville is to be taken down and replaced by flats…


    • Yes, that’s the way of it. I could not believe it when they tore down the hotel at Coliemore Harbour and put up flats, but I guess there was more money to be made with the new construction.


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