Posted by: marthabernie | August 24, 2015

Billy McMenus – Phillipsburg, Missouri

002fMy great Aunt Annie was a great correspondent and it’s only because she wrote so many letters, sending photographs, that we have so many family photos.  One of her correspondents was her sister-in-law, Sade Bilderback McMenus.  Here is a photo of Sade’s youngest child, WIlliam McMenus, taken shortly before his father died in 1920.


  1. My dad’s family is from Phillipsburg, MO. I knew Leslie McMenus. He went to school with my father Woodson Turner. Leslie’s nickname was “Mokum”. One of your notes on the mill at Phillipsburg suggests that my Uncle Roy Senn built the Mill. Actually, his father, my great grandfather Christian Senn built the Mill and shipped corn meal and flower on the Frisco Railroad back east from Phillipsburg. One of your pictures shows the mill and a little girl in the foreground in 1893. It also shows C.L.Senn’s house across the mill pond in the background. The Senn’s ran a hotel in their huge house and C.L. owned the Farmer’s bank as well as the Silver Lake Mill. Reba Harrill’s husband Clarence was my barber in Phillipsburg in the 1940’s and 50’s. I am interested in other pictures from Phillipsburg and thank you for posting your details and photographs from that town. Ron Turner


    • Thanks for the information. I have more photos to post one of these days. But the ones you refer to were sent to my by one of Reba’s grandsons. I think she passed them on to him.
      Turner, of course, is a name you see a lot of when researching Phillipsburg. Have you read the Anderson McFall Journals? Lots of references in those to Senns and Turners.
      My great grandfather, Williams Harvey Shank, was president of the Farmers Bank in the 20’s.


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