Posted by: marthabernie | August 27, 2015

Etta Daniels and Family? – 1902

scan0186ggThis photo has “Etta Daniels” written on the reverse side with “To Ednah Forkner, April 23, 1902.”  I believe this was a school friend, local contemporary or cousin by marriage of Aunt Annie’s daughter, Ednah.  I think that their father’s family, the Forkners, may have married into the Daniels family.  When my mother inherited the contents of Aunt Annie’s house after Ednah’s death, she received the photographs that had belonged to both Ednah and her mother.  There are other photos which I would not necessarily have guessed were part of the Daniels family members (or friends of Etta), but since they all have the same dog in them (looks like a pug), and Etta appears in the first photos below, they must be related somehow.   She wrote on the reverse, “This is my red dress and hat on our pet day.  Tweedles and a friend.”  I hope the dog’s name was Tweedles!

scan0186eHere is the dog again….

scan0186eeAnd a strip of three small photos with a little boy and the dog dressed as a baby!



  1. I love these photos. Most pictures were so serious then. Perfect for National Dog Day too!


    • In looking at photos around 1900-1905, in both the U.S. and Ireland, you will find the occasional dog in the otherwise formal photo. These little postage stamp photos were less formal and the teenagers exchanged them (as they had done with calling cards a generation before). They would paste them onto one page of a rather small album page and there would be dozens of them…many different poses of the same person sometimes.

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      • Thanks for sharing this with me! I love learning about the history behind trends. I can’t wait to see if I run across more in my research.


  2. Dang but you have an interesting blog. Where DO you find all this?


    • Lots of family stuff that my mother inherited…I come from a long line of female packrats! They never threw anything away!


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