Posted by: marthabernie | August 27, 2015

One of the Dalkey Castles – Dalkey, County Dublin, Ireland – 1771

001This is a print from a magazine called GENTLEMAN’s MAGAZINE, a 1771 edition.  It pulled out of the magazine I think since it is blank on the reverse side.       I also have some of the text which is a little hard to read since the “s” characters all look like an “f” and the languages is very stilted.  It talks about various landmarks and other things in Dalkey and also refers to the harbour, which unbelievably, was a major harbour for Dublin since the waters up near the Liffey were not deep enough for many types of ships. There were seven castles in Dalkey.  Two of them stills stand today:  the one in the village (which is sometimes referred to as Goat Castle) and the one neat Bulloch Harbour (Bulloch Castle).  Even more interesting is the text that refers to the remains of two piratesMcKinley and Zekerman being hung near Coliemore Harbour and Dalkey Island after they were executed in Dublin.  Apparently the pirates and some cohorts had taken over a ship, killed everyone off, including three youngsters and the wife of one Captain  Glass, then escaped with gold, finally landing in Wexford.  They were eventually apprehended and hung.  I have put the text below in a blown up version.  If you are interested in the Dalkey area, you might find the text interesting.



  1. What an incredible find. Thanks for this.


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