Posted by: marthabernie | August 30, 2015

KINGSTOWN (Dun Laoghaire) Ireland, Interior of the Pavilion – 1906

001I think the Pavilion was built in anticipation of a visit from Queen Victoria, but not 100% sure of that.  This is the interior circa 1906 where there was some sort of theatre.   The original structure was mostly wooden, I think, and it burned down.  There have been several reincarnations and the current “Pavilion” is mostly restaurants and shops and is not built of wood.


  1. If you’re not familiar with arran q henderson, you might want to read his blog and tell him about this so he can see it. I think he would enjoy it. I know I did.


    • Thanks!

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      • Thank you; arran has a genuine passion for architecture and art, and is an expert in both fields. I hope you enjoy his blog as much as I do.


      • CAn you send me the link, please?


      • I’m ashamed to say I don’t know how, but if you put his name into your search engine you’ll be able to find him. Aside from his blog and website, he conducts educational walking tours of historic sites in and around Dublin, mostly with a focus on Georgian architecture and art…he’s well known.


      • I found it, thanks. Interesting that he just did another tour of the Kings Inns. I have a friend who is the (relatively new) CEO there.

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      • Sorry I couldn’t be of more help, but I’m glad you found Mr. Henderson; he’s a fascinating historian, and I’m happy that you have a connection to the King’s.


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