Posted by: marthabernie | August 30, 2015

Unknown Couple From Tintype – Moore Family?

scan0187abThis image is from a very small tintype which is still in remarkably good condition for its age.  This was probably a wedding photo taken of the couple before they married.  The tintype was given to me by my second cousin, Stormye Harrill Barnett, and she thought it was from the Moore side of the family, her grandmother being Margaret Moore McMenus of Phillipsburg, Missouri.  I have circulated among Stormye’s nieces and newphew, hoping someone will recognize the couple but so far, no one knows who the couple are….


  1. A very handsome pair – but Moores always are 😉 They look like brother and sister to me – is that possible?


    • It is entirely possible that they are related. No idea, really.


  2. Ah those Moore’s and good looks. I wish I could say that they are from my Moore family. We are such a large group which makes it so hard to trace. I hope the photograph finds a good home.


  3. I’ve stumbled upon your blog while looking for a picture of the old Phillipsburg School that burned about 25 years ago. My grandparents were Rado and Lela Bishop who lived across the alley from Greasy Harrill’s family. My mother was Gladys Bishop and my dad was Ferell (Toad) Long. His grandparents were Preston and Sarah Moore Long. Dad was killed in a wreck in 1954 when I was seven. So we spent summers in Phillipsburg when I was a kid. We lived in Iowa until I finished high school, then Mom and I moved to Springfield. I’m seeing all these photos and looking for someone I recognize from all the old photos I’ve gathered, and seeing lots of surnames that I recognize. ~~Linda Ivy


    • Hi Linda, The name Rado Bishop certainly rings a bell. My mother probably knew all the people you mention, and of course, Greasy Harrill was married to her first cousin, Reba McMenus Harrill. Thanks for stopping by and commenting. Lots more photos to come and keep looking at the ones of people I cannot identify because you might recognize someone…stranger things have happened! Martha


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