Posted by: marthabernie | September 2, 2015

Another View of the GIant’s Causeway – Northern Ireland – 1903

001This is another stereoview image of The Giant’s Causeway in Northern Ireland, only 35 miles from the Scottish coast across the North Channel.  The formations are basaltic volcanic formations and are shaped like prisms with five or six sides, some of them as long as twenty feet.  They were formed when the hot lava hit the cold water of the sea.  The formation in the background has many caverns and caves below the water line and legend has it that a kind giant lived in one of the caves, vowing never to take food from the humans who lived in the area.  Accordingly, the seals were said to bring the giant food each day.  When this photo was taken, there was a hotel on the far side of the island formation.  I wonder if it is still there today?  We were there last year and I don’t remember reading anything about a hotel….note the little girl and the dog in the foreground.  The stereoscope images are hard to scan because they are curved.


  1. Beautiful!


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