Posted by: marthabernie | September 6, 2015

OREGON TRAIL DAYS – 1930 – Gering, Nebraska

002bMy grandfather, Walter E. Marlin, had a younger brother, Orville Marlin, who married this lady whose name was Mildred.  They weren’t together very long, and I think Orville married again, but I don’t know the details.  This was one of the things I never thought to ask my mother about when she was still with us.  It was Orville who left Missouri and went to California to work, and it was with him in his car that my parents travelled across the Dust Bowl in 1934 on their way west.  Orville had returned to Missouri with the news that there was plenty of work in California, and my parents decided to leave Missouri.  By 1934, I think Orville was already separated or divorced from Mildred.  We see her above on her horse, Sunny, taken during the Oregon Trail Days, July 18, 1930 in North City Park, Gering, Nebraska.  Mildred sent this photo to my grandmother and grandfather, and she wrote all sorts of identifying information on the reverse!  I’ve always loved the photo because there she is on the horse, in front of all the old cars!  Love her riding outfit, too!

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