Posted by: marthabernie | September 9, 2015

Tracy McFarland and Florine McFall – Phillipsburg, MO

001dThese two ladies were born and grew up in Phillipsburg, Missouri (Laclede County). On the left is Tracy McFarland (Sturdevant) and on the right, Florene McFall (Roper).  Tracy was another cousin on the McMenus side of the family through marriage. I believe she was the grand daughter of Nancy Jane McMenus McFarland.  She played the piano and often played at Sunday services or at funerals at the Cumberland Presbyterian Church in Phillipsburg.


  1. Wonderful photo, Martha. Funny how these older pictures have held up better than ones I have from the ’60s – ’70s.


    • Yes, especially the ones that were in color (snapshots and slides). I wonder if they knew the early color process would not survive so well over time?


  2. I just love the expressions on these two ladies’ faces. Tracy’s eyes are particularly intense – great photo.


    • And Florine looks like she is trying very hard not to smile!


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