Posted by: marthabernie | September 12, 2015


scan0179gWhoever owned this photo had the good sense to write a little background on the reverse side.  On the left is W.G. McMenus, my great uncle, whose grandparents, Joseph and Sarah (Sallie) McMenus moved from Tennessee to Phillipsburg, Laclede County, Missouri in 1840.  On the right is L.D. Helbert, whose family also settled in the Phillipsburg area but moved to Mulvane, Kansas about 1870.  Apparently Mr. Helbert returned to Phillipsburg and this photo was taken August 24, 1939 “on the old home-site of the Helberts”.  Don’t you just love Mr. Helbert’s hat?


  1. Where would we be without men such as these?


    • I feel the same way, especially the ones who went west when there were no towns and no organized counties etc. My one ancestor, Micajah Forkner, bought 40 acres of “Missouri swampland” in 1840 from the US government, and this was 20 years after the first settlers hit the area. My ancestor Thomas Marlin landed in what became Webster County Missouri in 1820 and was the first to settle on what became The Marlin Prairie.


      • Such family history is priceless.


  2. A great photograph and much information for you. Don’t you wish everyone did this with their photos?


    • Yes, it certainly would be nice. Although I am just as guilty of not writing anything on the back of photos. One of the reasons I decided to document as much as possible on this blog.


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