Posted by: marthabernie | September 15, 2015

PATRICK O’CONNOR – Eyre Square, Galway, Ireland – 1998

scan0165aI took this photo in 1998 in Galway.  The town square has been officially known as John F. Kennedy Square since 1965 in honor of the speech President Kennedy gave there in 1963 on his now famous trip to Ireland.  However, I have never heard anyone in Galway, or Ireland for that matter, refer to it as anything but Eyre Square, the original name.  The statue above is of Irish language writer and journalist Patrick O’Connor (Padraic O’Conaire – 1882 – 1928).  The square was refurbished in 2005 and this statue was moved to the new City Museum.   O’Connor, along with Patrick Pearse, is said to be one of the leading Irish language writers of the early 20th century.


  1. Just out of curiosity; in what month did you take this photo? We may have both been there at the same time.


    • I think it was the end of June.

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      • Just missed you, then. If you’ve never read “Hounds of the Morrigan: by Pat O’Shea, you should give it a try; it’s a children’s book, but relates to the place. Well worth a read.


      • Thanks.


  2. The statue in the square is wonderful.


    • Yes, it’s still in Galway but they moved it out of the square a number of years ago.


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