Posted by: marthabernie | September 21, 2015

Great Great Grandparents Massie – About 1900-05

scan0178aThe couple seated in the middle of the photo are my great great grandparents, Mary Jane and Eli Massie, the photo taken in Phillipsburg, Missouri.  Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Massie are on either end of the back row, standing.  That is Della Brasier in the center standing, and Oscar is holding one daughter and the other is seated on grandma’s lap.  Leola Brasier is standing next to Grandpa Eli.   The Massies married into the Brasier family.  I believe Oscar Massie was probably a grandson, the little girls being great grandchildren.

Eli Massie was married more than once and originated in Ohio before moving to Missouri between 1860 and 1870 and settling in the Phillipsburg area.  He was a local merchant and bought and sold a lot of property in and around Phillipsburg.  Eli died in 1915 and Mary in 1917.  Both are buried in the New Hope Cemetery near Long Lane in Dallas County.  Their daughter, Lydia Margaret Massie, married William Harvey Shank, my great grandfather.  More details on all these families coming soon.

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