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001bNo identifying information on this photo except the baby’s name:  Byron Shook Harris.  The Harris and Shook families lived in and around Conway Missouri.  My great uncle, John Ferrier, married Roxie Shook.  Three of my great great great McMenus aunts (sisters) married three Harris brothers.  However, I don’t know who Byron belonged to other than a guess that his mother might have been a Shook because of his middle name.  Aunt Annie’s two daughters, Ethyl and Ednah, did go to school with Mary and Roxie Shook in Conway, Laclede County, Missouri, so perhaps Mary married a Harris and this was her child, but that is only a guess.


  1. Byron Harris was the son of Sim and MARY Harris. He ran Harris Cafe on Route 66 for many years. Harris cafe is listed in all Route 66 publications.


    • Was Mary Harris nee Mary Shook, the sister of Roxie Shook?


  2. Yes. Mary Harris was a Shook.


    • I have a photo of her when she was a teenager, before she married. Her sister, Roxie, is also in the photo. Roxie married my great uncle, John Ferrier (my grandmother’s brother). The girls had the photo made with their friends, Ethyl and Ednah Forkner, the daughters of my great aunt Annie (Matilda Anna Laura McMenus Forkner Tweddell). They are sitting on the wool bedspread that Annie’s mother made for her as a wedding present; the story goes that she sheared the shepp, spun the wool, died it and then made it on a loom. It was a popular pattern at the time. By the time my mother inherited it, it was in pieces and had been made into pillow covers and a much smaller throw. They were also very worn by the time we decided to do something with it. I cut the largest piece that was in tact and had it professionally framed; it hangs in my bedroom. Also gave pieces of it to other McMenus family members who in turn framed it. I have the photo of the four girls sitting on the bedspread (about 1905) hanging next to it.


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