Posted by: marthabernie | September 25, 2015

High Street, Galway, Ireland – 1998

scan0165cdThat’s Kenny’s Bookshop on the left; they were established in High Street in 1940 and have been in business ever since, though they moved to a new building on the Tuam Road a few years ago.  The shop has also always included an art gallery.  These colorful shop fronts are often photographed for Irish calendars.


  1. What?! Kennys moved – I’m in shock. I used to love their photos of writers who’d been there for signings. They were arranged in a very higgledy-piggledy manner around the shop and up the stairway. The little gallery at the back was lovely too and allowed a short cut out to Charlie Byrne’s bookshop – another of my favourite Galway haunts. Please don’t tell me that’s closed down or burnt to the ground! 😉


  2. oh I just love this pic! thnx.


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