Posted by: marthabernie | September 25, 2015


scan0192When my mother inherited the contents of her aunt’s house, she also inherited the things that had belonged to the aunt’s daughter and grand daughter, who all died in the 50’s and 60’s.  We have a lot of photos and snapshots of friends of the daughter. Ednah Barbara Forkner Lewis.  The one man in the photo could be a cousin on the Forkner side of the family but not sure.  From left:  Clarence Rader, Gladys Brooks Rader, and Otis Forkner.  I assume Clarence Rader was her husband.  The two photos below are of Kay Brooks Rader “of Conway and Springfield, Mo., Gladys Brooks Rader’s little girl.”  In the photo of the little Kay with the doll on the sled, there is another message on the reverse which says, “Kay Brooks Rader, 5-1/2 years old–“.  Then added below is “She died when young.” And 1937 at the very bottom of the photo.




  1. very moving… x


  2. I had a slide just like that and spent many, many hours of total bliss on it! These photos warm the heart.


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