Posted by: marthabernie | September 27, 2015

Easy Homemade Irish Soda Bread

Source: Easy Homemade Irish Soda Bread


  1. looks delicious! thanks. Can’t seem to get my hands on coarse wholemeal flour though, which is a shame (living in NL).


    • You could probably order through one of the Irish food sites but it would no doubt cost a fortune. I buy mine here in the US through King Arthur Flour Co.

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      • yes… and bringing back from Ireland is ‘heavy’ (2kilo a bag) so I seldom do it. Ah well. Bought some finely ground (organic) wholewheat flour yesterday, so will give that a go anyway. Thanks!


      • There are some new smaller packets of brown bread mixes on the market in Ireland now….a friend brought me some last month but have not tried them yet. The best one I tried thus far was the ALDI brand, but they discontinued it for some reason.

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      • Ok! good to know – thanks! I’ll ask my sister to go a-hunting ๐Ÿ™‚


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