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scan0179cThe little boys in this photo are Halsey (on the left) and Walter Hansen.  They were from the Conway, Missouri area.  When my great aunt’s little boy, Ray, died in 1900, she was quite bereft.  Halsey and Walter became orphans a short time later, and my great aunt’s family took in little Halsey.  I do not know the story here, and my mother always said that Aunt Annie talked very little about “Little Ray” and Halsey.  The Forkner family did not adopt Halsey but rather acted as foster parents, I think, because when they moved to Montana in 1906, Halsey was placed with another family.  There were Hansen relations in Conway (Hansens being some of the first settlers to that area), and he must have gone to one of them or another foster family.  My mother believed that Aunt Annie and family would have taken Halsey with them to Montana, but were prevented for some reason; probably not being able to take a foster child out of state. He wrote postcards to Aunt Annie, referring to her as “Mama”.  Halsey was another of the young men killed in WWI.


  1. Gosh, quite a tragic tale for all parties really. Thanks for sharing.


    • Yes, very sad. Especially since Little Ray probably could have been saved had they had penicillin or other antibiotics back then. Whole families were sometimes wiped out when the flu epidemics went through the neighborhood.

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