Posted by: marthabernie | September 30, 2015


As I’ve mentioned before, my god daughter in Dublin has an older sister who has Celiac Disease, so everything she eats must be gluten free.  Here is a recipe from my great grandmother’s 1887 cookbook which uses only three ingredients.  I tried this a little while ago and used one pound coconut, one pound powdered sugar and 6 egg whites and they came out great!  Not knowing how big a hickory nut is, I used a spoon and dropped them in pieces the size of walnuts.  Comfits are generally considered to be fruit or nuts with a sugar coating, but Dr. Price’s cookbook uses the term in this recipe.  Note the spelling of coconut!


Take equal weights of grated white part of cocoanut and powdered white sugar, add the whites of eggs beaten stiff, six to a pound of cocoanut and sugar; should be eggs enough to wet the whole to a stiff mixture; drop parcels the size of a hickory nut separately upon buttered paper laid upon tins, and bake in a moderately heated oven.


  1. reminds me of some similar recipe Indian, its called coconut laddoos, we dont bake them, just roast mixture of coconut powder with condensed milk on pan ,cool and make balls of them. Will try this one as well,next time ! 🙂 thanks


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