Posted by: marthabernie | October 2, 2015

AROUND EYRE SQUARE – Galway, Ireland – 1998

scan0167bWhen you are standing in Eyre Square in Galway, you are surrounded on all sides by city center buildings, including lots of hotels and pubs.  This is a photo showing Richardson’s Pub and Finbar McGee’s pub.  Eyre Square has three main streets leading into and out of it, the west side being pedestrianized in recent years.   The Skeffington Arms Hotel (known as “The Skeff”) is below.  It has a very large bar and is a popular spot for students at University Galway (or it used to be–not sure these days since I have not been there in several years).


Another view from Eyre Square.  That’s the very corner of the Great Southern Hotel on the right.




  1. Galway is to Ireland what San Francisco is to America; it’s just a beautiful place to be. Thanks for the photos.


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