Posted by: marthabernie | October 5, 2015


001fThis photos gives first names, but no family name.  It was taken July 2, 1943, and it says, “Velma and Milt and the children.”  Then it lists the children as Dannie, 13; Darlene, 11; Scharllotte, 9.  There is also a notation of “Married Apr. 29, 1943” so I think this must be a second husband for Velma?

The photo below was taken May 30, 1946 and the description says, “Velma and family, taken near Albuquerque, New Mexico on May 30/46.  On their way to Mo to visit.  Eating breakfast at camp.  Her husband Milt snapped the picture.”  So we have yet another photo of Velma and family, but no surname.

001dThe kids definitely look three years older.


  1. I’m always trying to figure out why the kids always used to wear striped Tshirts.


    • Just seemed to be the “fashion” at the time, I think.


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